Your Burial Tree is YOUR Burial Monument

The burial tree that you choose is planted specifically to be your and / or your loved ones burial monument.


CHAPTER 635 -UNAUTHORIZED ENTRIES Cemeteries, Burial Grounds, Gravestones

Section 635:6 Interference With Cemetery or Burial Ground.

I. No person, without the written authorization of the owner of a burial plot, or the lineal descendant or ascendant of the deceased, if such owner or lineal descendant or ascendant is known, or the written authorization of the governing board of the municipality in which the burial plot lies, if the owner or lineal descendant or ascendant is unknown, shall:

(a) Purposely or knowingly destroy, mutilate, injure or remove any tomb, monument, gravestone, marker, or other structure, or any portion or fragment thereof, placed or designed for a memorial of the dead, or any fence, railing, gate, curb, or plot delineator or other enclosure for the burial of the dead.


For More Information

Click here for a link to our Trails Commission.

Click here for information regarding Cemetery Law through the NH Cemetery Association of which we are a member.

Click here to access the Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds AVA search engine. 

This database provides publicly searchable records recorded under the name of interment burial ownership as well as cremation burial and tied to the Life Forest Deed (for an example you can search Elise Dubuque - inputted last name first).

All names of burials as well as Interment rights are recorded and protected here. We also keep records with the town attached to our Planning Board File, under Life Forest, located at 27 School Street in Hillsborough, NH and record through websites such as Find a