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Why Life Forest


Life Forest is designed to grow into a beautiful, natural, sacred forest


The land in which your loved one’s cremated remains are planted is protected by legal covenants, ensuring the safety and growth of Life Forest for generations to come. Also, you do not need cremated remains to plant a Memory Tree in Life Forest. We are happy to place an environmentally friendly memento of your choosing under a tree as well.


  • You want to bury more than one loved one

  • You do not own land where you can memorialize your loved one

  • You own your land but do not plan to live there forever

  • You love this concept but are not adept attending to plants, and this particular plant is too important to risk failure

  • You plan to be given back to nature yourself and would like to ensure a safe place where you will be memorialized

  • The tree which we grow provides shelter, clean air, and environmental protection for our children and our grandchildren.

Contact us below and we will guide you through the next steps.

“In this world where state parks and national forests are not guaranteed, we need to find a way to  protect our environment and natural resources, and Life Forest does this.”

Kate Waldo

Senior National Director of Recreation and Guest Services of Genesis Healthcare.

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