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As a little girl growing up in New Hampshire, I would spend hours exploring the nature around me. Every day playing in the woods was a new adventure. Life Forest is my destination for life adventure to continue. A beautiful space in my native state where my friends and family can join me in discovering the beautiful nature around us once again after we pass.” –Amy Sturtevant Lopez, Grade School Art Teacher


Life Forest abuts over 60 acres of hiking, birding, and walking trails. While visiting your loved one, visit the nearby historic Stone Arch Bridge and the Gleason waterfall. Take a short walk to the tranquil scenic pull in along the river where you can reflect as the gentle current sweeps by.

Life Forest. Hillsborough, New Hampshire: because the best way to celebrate life – is to live fully.

Hillsborough is commutable from Boston and New York and is also central to Manchester, Concord, Keene, and Lebanon. Boasting close to 6,000 acres of conservation land, the town of Hillsborough displays a fierce commitment to environmental protection.

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