Welcome to Life Forest ®

A Conservation Forest For Environmentally Friendly Burials.

"When You Plant a Tree, You Plant a Memory"


Join the many people who have chosen Life Forest as a greener alternative to traditional burial and a more permanent memorial to scattering ashes



Each woodland burial plot shares one of our carefully planted memorial trees under which we bury the ashes of your loved one.
Burial plot locations are recorded by GPS coordinates so that friends, family, and future generations can always visit your memorial tree.


  If you are the steward of a loved one's ashes and cannot visit Life Forest. Please know that we can arrange for the respectful collection, transportation, and burial on your behalf.

Additional burials. Yes, you can add ash burials under your memorial tree without disturbing the tree's growth. Life Forest's carefully designed ecological system offers the option.

Pet burials also because animal companions are also part of the family.

"Life Forest has already demonstrated they excel at the most important part of being a cemetery-keeper: holding the space and holding the bereaved."

-Corinne Elicone, Mount Auburn Cemetery's first female crematory operator in their near 190 year history

If you are contemplating eco-friendly burial, please consider Life Forest®.