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A Living Cemetery & Environmentally Friendly

Alternative to Traditional Burial.


If you are contemplating Green Burial, please consider Life Forest.

My mind is at ease knowing that my grandchildren will know exactly where my final

resting place is and that through mother nature they will still be able to hug me and feel my love for them.


Much More than a Traditional Cemetery or Memory Forest:


If you are contemplating Green Burial, please consider Life Forest, as each burial includes your choice of one of our carefully selected Memory Trees and a Biodegradable Urn. Your loved ones’ cremated remains are interred with the planting of a tree, allowing your loved one to join the tree in a living memorial.

Like traditional cemeteries, we provide a private burial plot. However, unlike a traditional cemetery, we offer the future option to add multiple ash burials, so that family, friends, and even your pet, can be buried together. To share a tree, please inquire about Family Plots and future ash burials.

Creating a positive surrounding, we believe, is the foundation of healing, which is why Life Forest offers a setting rich in natural beauty to promote healing by reconnecting to our forests and harnessing the energy of nature.

Life Forest burial plot locations are recorded by exact GPS coordinates so that friends, family, and future generations can always visit your Memory Tree.

You do not need to bury Ashes to plant a Memory Tree in our Memory Forest as we are happy to place an environmentally friendly memento of your choosing under a Memorial Tree.

At Life Forest, future maintenance will be managed by our Trails Commission, and as conservation land, our trees and our wildlife are protected by legal covenants.


Contact us at to find out how simple the process is and

how we respectfully take the collection of your Ashes with our shipping, delivery, and pick up services.

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