Memorial Markers

Your burial tree is considered your legal burial monument and a burial tree is included with any tree burial plot.  If desired, a complimentary QR Code marker (2 inch square) can be added to your plot. This QR Code marker will link to a webpage of your choosing, such as a memorial page or a favorite charity.

The purchase of an additional memorial marker to place at the base of your burial tree monument is of course not required, and is a separate purchase from your burial plot. To maintain the natural look and feel of Life Forest, we ask that only one small marker or memento be placed on the burial plot. Some people choose to place a hand painted rock, others a lightweight handmade ornament. Finding the balance of loving remembrance and respect of the natural environment being key. 

Life Forest understands the importance of mementos to the bereaved. To balance best practices with respect to the natural state of the forest, as well as the traditional gifts that are often placed on burial plots, we have designed a shared approach to memento placement. Life Forest allows families to place small items at the base of their burial trees for healing and celebration of their loved one’s, then after a respectable amount of time, Life Forest will place these heartfelt memorial objects along the memorial fence for all of our Life Forest Community to appreciate.