Green Burial Options



At Life Forest, we believe that burial is a very personal decision, and there is no one size fits all answer. If you are looking for a full body natural burial, an alternative to the cremated remains burial we offer, then we will happily refer you to the experts. 
As more and more people look toward Life Forest as a resource for eco-friendly deathcare options, we are stepping up to help connect you to experienced people who are knowledgeable about options that we cannot offer, including home and family-directed funerals, before death doula support, after death care education, home and private burial, and how to find a cemetery that will bury naturally. 
Our Life Forest team knows that when you have questions, you need answers. Depending on your interest and need, you will be guided to resources and individuals when you contact our office. We are committed to assisting you in having the experience you want by referring you to experts in the field. 
Home Burial
Lee Webster has been assisting families in NH with private family burials for over a decade through the nonprofit New Hampshire Funeral Resources, Education & Advocacy. She can help determine feasibility of burial of family members on home property by phone or online consultation. This includes information on state-required set-backs from waterways, buildings, and highways, and the assessment of soils and grades appropriate for a natural burial on private property. Resources for gravedigging, containers and materials needed, and grave health will also be discussed and shared. Consultations are usually 30-40 minutes; on-site visits may be arranged. Go to [email protected] 
Family-Directed After Death Care 
For many, keeping or bringing a loved one home after death is emotionally and spiritually rewarding, regardless of the type of disposition planned. Lee Webster has been a nationally recognized after-death care educator for over fifteen years. She can help explain the legal and practical steps so that your family can take whatever time you wish to spend together before burial or cremation, including eco-friendly body care techniques, how to file the death certificate and obtain the burial/transit permit, where to locate containers, find clergy or celebrants for services, and more. If there are parts of the home funeral experience you wish handled by a licensed funeral director, she will help you coordinate with The Life Forest licensed funeral directors. Consultations are usually 30-40 minutes; on-site educational consultations with families and friends may be arranged. Go to
[email protected]                     
End-of-Life Doula Support

Some families find it useful to hire a non-medical support person for loved ones who have received a life-limiting or terminal diagnosis. An adjunct to hospice and family-directed home care, doulas can provide respite care, service coordination, life review activities, and a variety of support activities at the request of the dying and their family. To locate a doula near you, visit the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance, at
Funeral Directing for Home Stays or Home Burials 
Often families prefer to have the assistance of a licensed funeral director to help with body care, filing paperwork, and transporting from facility home or home to cemetery or a disposition facility. Our licensed staff funeral director is ready to help with whatever you wish, whether it is a brief stay at home before removal to the funeral home, a longer stay that goes directly to a cemetery or crematory, or to be present to assist with preparing the body for burial on home property. Blended funerals, where the family and the funeral director share responsibilities, can reduce the stress while still making room for family and friends to create the home experience they wish for. Traci is the owner and operator of Denver Undertaking Services LLC, and graduated from the New England Institute at Mount Ida College in 2012 with a BA in Bereavement Studies and Funeral Service. Prior to that, she obtained her BA in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University.  Traci’s knowledge of the Death Care industry combined with her passion for conservation has made her an integral part of the Life Forest® team.
Sea Burial 
New England Burial at Sea ships out of Portsmouth, NH. For more information, contact Captain Brad White at 877-897-7700 or go to New England Burials at Sea or 
Natural Organic Reduction or Human Composting 
Human composting is not legal in New Hampshire. Vermont and New York have legalized the process but there are no working facilities. Learn more about NOR here:
Alkaline Hydrolysis 
Alkaline hydrolysis is not legal in New Hampshire. Vermont and New York have legalized the process but there are no working facilities. Maine has a facility in Belfast at Direct Cremation of Maine. Learn more about AH here: